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Digital Humanities: Technological Tools

1st to 5th June 2020

ICS/UMinho (Campus of Gualtar - Braga)


This Summer School, creatively and interactively, proposes 30 hours of formation to support students, researchers and teachers from Social and Human Sciences to respond through some challenges of our present, increasingly dependent on digital. A team of experts from the Sciences of Information and Communication, History and Geography will teach you about the main theories and tools of Digital Humanities in an academic approach.

Data and Network Analysis

Francisco Restivo

Paulo Veloso Gomes

Science Digital Communication

Mixed reality

Vítor J. Sá 

Daniel Alves

Data Visualisation

Luís Ribeiro Gonçalves

Vítor Ribeiro

Dynamic Geotechnologies 

Spatial Humanities

José Gabriel Andrade

Danielle Sanches de Almeida

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